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What is the Preformed Pouch Rotary Packing machine

Join Date:  2015-3-16

Preformed Pouch Rotary Packing machine is the machine which should use preformed bag for packing productions and the packing process is the rotary type.

  • Bag type: 3 side sealing bag,back sealing bag,gusset bag,M type bag,side spout bag,stand-up bag,zipper bag,stand-up zipper bag and so on.

  • Applications:There are many models to pack different type of productions. You had better to choose packing machine according to your production.

  1.Solid and Granule:nuts,candy,sunflower seeds,puffed food,cookie,beans,daily commodities etc

  2.Powder: milk powder,grape sugar,flour,cocoa powder,washing powder etc

  3.Liquid and thick liquid: cook oil,vinegar,fruit juice,bean sauce,tomato sauce,jam,peanut butter,detergent etc.

  4.Mix material: liquid with solid,pickles etc   

  •  Rotary type packing machine process:

There are 2 type of rotary packing machine process, one is 6 stations rotary packing and the other is 8 stations rotary.

8 stations rotary packing machine have more 2 stations then 6 stations rotary. So 8 stations rotary packing machine  packing have more 2 functions to do some complicated actions, such as open zipper bag or do vacuum.


6 station rotary packing machine have two models depend on the bag size:                                             

1.bag size: 80-200mm(W),100-300mm(L)

2.bag size:200-300mm(W),100-300mm(L)                                                                                                     

6 stations rotary packing process                                                                                   



  8 stations rotary packing machine can pack bag size: 80-200mm(W),100-300mm(L)

  8 stations rotary packing process



  • How to choose model between 6 stations rotary packing machine and 8 stations rotary packing machine?

1.check your bag size: bag size reference above.

2.check your bag type: If your bag is sample bag such as back sealing,3 side sealing bag,use 6 stations is enough. If your bag is complicated bag such as stand-up zipper bag,side spout bag,use 8 stations is better.

3.check your production:For example,if your production is with good mobility,easy to filling into bag,bag is big enough to get production and have no special demand such as nitrogen flush, 6 stations rotary packing machine is enough.If your production need more functions to compete complicated actions,such as press your production into bag,use 8 stations rotary packing machine is better.

4.Of course, because there are many different production,different situation,different demands,we advice you to inquiry our staff to make a packaging solution for you.

Our aim is to offer most suitable,good quality with high cost performance package solution.We welcome your inquiry any time.

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