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Guazi Packaging Machine

Guazi is a popular snack in East Asia. The Guazi packaging machine needs to match the characteristics of melon seeds. Firstly, the packaging must have good sealing to avoid moisture. At the same time, pay attention to avoid damaging Guazi in the packaging process. Some customers also use vacuum packaging to maximize their taste and shelf life. In terms of weighing, we generally use multi head scales for weighing, which is accurate and fast.

packaging machine MR8-200RW-300
MR8-300/200RW SERIES

Guazi Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Beautifully Package Up to 50 Bags/Min Premade Pouch Packaging Machine is more suitable for guazi, and the use of customized premade bags can better increase the value of goods.

The video below shows how our Premade Pouch Packaging Machine uses stand up zipper pouch to package guazi.

VFFS machine
EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Guazi Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

Low Price Up to 60 Bags/Min The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine can complete the packaging of guazi very well, with fast speed and low price, suitable for lightweight packaging.