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Cheese Packaging Machine

Cheese is a bit special in the packaging industry. Shredded cheese is stickiness makes some machines unable to handle it. However, we have solved it through various means, whether it is cheese slice, cheese block or shredded cheese packaging, we will also consider the customer’s production scale, quality assurance capabilities, product pricing and other factors, choose the right equipment for you.

packaging machine MR8-200RW-300
MR8-300/200RW SERIES

Premade Pouch Cheese Packaging Machine

Beautifully Package Up to 80 Bags/Min This solution is good at those small cheese.(such as shredded cheese, cheese granule) First, the material will be put into a multihead weigher using a feeder, and the multihead weigher is used to complete the weighing and then fill into the bag to complete the packaging. This packaging line weighs accurately, the style of the packaging bag can be highly customized, and it has a faster speed.

It is worth mentioning that due to the stickiness of cheese, our Multihead Weigher adopts Teflon Coating treatment, which makes the weighing process perfect. In addition, in the sealing stage, we also added nitrogen filling steps to extend the shelf life of food.

Of course, the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine can also pack larger cheeses blocks, just replace the Multi Head Weigher with a Manual Cup Filler, use Premade Pouch Packaging Machine to get a more beautiful packaging appearance.


Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

Tray Sealing Up to 12 Cycle/Min Fully intelligent system control, easy to access the production line and switch parameters. There are two modes for sealing: pressure mode and time mode, can be freely selected.

HFFS machine dxd-380
DXD-300/380/630 SERIES

Cheese Blocks Packaging Machine

Larger Block Pack Up to 290 Bags/Min The Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine can easily pack larger cheese blocks. It has excellent packaging speed and low cost. As a common solution, it has been very mature. We have many models covering most of the sizes.

VFFS machine
EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Shredded Cheese Packaging Machine

Low Price Up to 60 Bags/Min The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine can pack shredded cheese and cheese granule. This solution is similar to the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine. It uses a Teflon-coated multihead weigher for weighing, but its packaging costs are lower and faster.

Vacuum packaging machine MRZK-120-300

Automatic Vacuum Granule Packaging Machine

Vacuum Package Up to 80 Bags/Min Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine is provided for those customers who want to extend the shelf life. Our Vacuum Packaging Machine is based on the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine design so it can be vacuum-packed at the same time Maintain a considerable speed.