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Coffee Packaging Machine

The coffee packaging includes coffee beans, coffee powder(ground coffee, instant coffee), drip coffee, etc. Our machine can handle these materials very well, and only needs to be matched with different feeding and weighing equipment. We have provided such coffee packaging solutions for many customers. According to our experience, the appearance of packaging in this industry can greatly affect the sales and pricing of products, so we usually recommend Premade Pouch Packaging Machines to pursue higher product premiums. For some customers with special needs, we can also provide vacuum packaging solutions.

packaging machine MR8-200RW-300
MR8-300/200RW SERIES

Premade Pouch Coffee Packaging Machine

Beautifully Package Up to 80 Bags/Min Premade Pouch Coffee Packaging Machine can maximize the appearance and ease of use of the product, and is one of the best choices for coffee packaging. Zipper pack, stand-up pack and other packaging are very suitable for coffee. Appropriate design can make your bags look more high-end and thus get better sales. Many of our customers have chosen this solution and succeeded.

Vacuum packaging machine MRZK-120-300

Coffee Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Package Up to 80 Bags/Min Coffee Vacuum Packaging Machine is a relatively special packaging solution. Most of the time, coffee does not require vacuum packaging, but some customers do have such a demand. For this reason, we can also provide this type of packaging.

VFFS machine
EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Coffee Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Low Price Up to 60 Bags/Min If you want to pack into Sachet or Stick pack form, we recommend you to use Coffee Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine. This is an alternative to Premade Pouch Packaging Machine. If you don’t need a special packaging bag or want a lower price, then VFFS Machine is very suitable for you. Although its price is lower, there is no problem in terms of quality.

The following video introduces the Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine and demonstrates the packaging of Coffee Bean.

These machines can be replaced or increased or decreased according to requirements, please consult our customer service staff for details.