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Premade Pouch Packaging Machine


Automatic Premade Pouch Rotary Packaging Machine

CapacityUp To 80 BPM
Filling Volume5 – 2500g
Bag Width180 – 300mm
Bag Length≤ 350mm

The use of prefabricated bag packaging with many advantages has dominated the considerable packaging market in recent decades. For Consumers, the prefabricated bag has an outstanding appearance, and many designs can be used to increase the convenience of the product, such as easy to carry the opening, the user-friendly sealing method. For Manufacturers, pre-made bags offer more flexible packaging options, a wide range of material handling strategies and, of course, a high degree of automation.


  • Fully automatic rotary 8 station intermittent rotary preformed bag dispensing, opening and closing.
  • Versatile in design, easy to link up with other down stream packaging equipment such as liquid filler, multi-heads weigher, metal detector, check weigher, case sealer etc.
  • Safety guard protected for high speed and consistent production.
  • Heavy-duty components and parts are selected for machine durability.
  • Operators’ friendly design touch-screen control system.
  • Innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs.
  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning (wash down construction on special request), Meet food production safety requirements.
  • Automatic control of a series of processes from loading, filling, sealing, and finished products


packagking machine MR8-300R
packagking machine MR8-200R
packagking machine MR8-200RW
No. of Working Stations888
Capacityup to 80bags/minup to 80bags/minup to 80bags/min
Filling Volume10 – 2500g5 – 2500g5 – 2500g
Total Power Consumption3.3kw3.3kw3.3kw
Demension2460 * 1830 * 1460mm1460 * 2500 * 1400mm1710 * 1505 * 1640mm
Compress Air Requirement (supply by user)0.6 – 0.8m³/min0.6 – 0.8m³/min0.6 – 0.8m³/min
Bag Width180 – 300mm55 – 200mm55 – 200mm
Bag Length≤ 350mm≤ 350mm≤ 350mm
Capacity & Filling Volume depends on the product status and filling weight.
all bag style

If bag sizes over this range, we consider customization, special bag type have requires with bag sizes:

  • Zipper bag —— between zipper and bag mouth distance at least 2.5cm.
  • Gusset bag —— bag gusset width within 50mm, if bag mouth too small that products cant fill complete, can’t do packing.
  • Spout bag —— spout at the side of bag, sealing sizes at least 50mm.
  • Pallet bag —— pallet in bags, pallet length lower bag mouth at least 3cm.

The above examples are just a list of commonly used pre-made bags, and far from all the bags we can pack.

  • Liquid ——Detergent, Yellow rice wine, Soy sauce, Rice vinegar, Juice, Tomato paste, Peanut paste, Fruit paste, Chili sauce, Bean sauce, etc.
  • Granule —— Crystal MSG, Granule medicine, Capsule, Seeds, Raw Chemistry material, Sugar, Chicken essence, Melon seed, Nuts, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Feed, etc.
  • Powder —— Flavoring, MSG, Milk powder, Glucose, Washing powder, Raw chemistry material, White sugar, Pesticides, Fertilizer, etc.
  • Solid —— Candy, Red dates, Oatmeal, Chocolate, Cookies, Peanut, Green soybeans, Rock candy, Pastry, Commodity, Puffed food, etc.

The above examples are just a list of commonly used industries, and NOT all the industries we can pack.

The above auxiliary equipment is just some common auxiliary equipment list, different circumstances may also need other equipment combination.

Schematic diagram of packaging process
  1. Giving Bag —— Feed many pouches or bags in the bag magazine, our main bag magazine can move up and down, you can feed bags very easily when it moved down, and when it moved up, there are a mechanical arm with two vacuum caps will take the bag up and then transmit it to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table.
  2. Date Printing —— According to the actual production and packaging needs, different types of coding machines are configured to print the date and batch number on the packaging bag.
  3. Opening Bag —— While the suction cup opens the opening of the packaging bag, air is sprayed from the upper nozzle to blow open the bottom of the packaging bag, the packaging bag support plate is inserted into the opening of the packaging bag, and the packaging bag enters the next station.
    After inserting the bag support plate into the bag opening, the detection of whether there is a packaging bag and whether the opening of the bag is opened is completed. If there is no packaging bag or there is no opening to open the packaging bag, the next station will not feed.
  4. Filling & Consolidate 1 —— According to different packaging materials, different feeders are configured at this station to complete the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of materials
  5. Filling & Consolidate 2
  6. Buffering (or Other)
  7. Heat Sealing 1 —— To seal the pouch or bag mouth with a couple of heat sealing air bar, the sealing pattern you can option, net or straight lines.
  8. Heat Sealing 2 —— To make the sealing stable and preventing from wrinkling with a couple of cold press, then output the finished production automatically.

According to different products and bag special requirements arrange different working process.
For example, the Zipper bag needs to be opened and zipped, the powder needs to be cleaned and so on.

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