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Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine

MRM Series

Automatic Premade Pouch Rotary Filling & Sealing Machine

CapacityUp To 40 BPM
Bag Width100 – 200mm
4 – 7.9in
Filling Volume10 – 2500g
Bag Length≤ 350mm

As a special premade bag, Quad Seal Bag is usually difficult to use our machine to automate packaging. However, through the efforts of engineers, we have changed the shape of the machine clip and the automated process, optimized the operation of the cam, and made the Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine possible. Now the Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine, which has all the advantages of our rotary packaging machine, has officially come out.


  • Fully automatic rotary 8 station intermittent rotary preformed bag dispensing, opening and closing.
  • Versatile in design, easy to link up with other down stream packaging equipment such as liquid filler, multi-heads weigher, metal detector, check weigher, case sealer etc.
  • Strict mechanical safety standards to ensure stable operation of machinery and increase packaging speed.
  • Heavy parts are used to improve the durability of machinery.
  • The simple design of the control system’s touch screen facilitates the use of operators, and is simple and easy to use.
  • Improve the solution, reduce the cost for you.
  • The production line meets the requirements of food hygiene and is convenient to clean.
  • Automatic control of a series of processes from loading, filling, sealing, and finished products.
  • The new improvement makes it possible to pack the Quad Seal Bag.
  • Automatic lubrication system.


Capacityup to 40bags/min
Filling Volume10 – 2500g
Pouch TypeQuad Seal Bag
Dimension3100 * 1800 * 1500mm
Compress Air Requirement (supply by user)≥0.6m³/min
Bag Width100 – 200mm
4 – 7.9in
Bag Length≤ 350mm
≤ 13.8in

Capacity & Filling Volume depends on the product status and filling weight.

Bag Style

Industries & Solution

  • Liquid ——Detergent, Yellow rice wine, Soy sauce, Rice vinegar, Juice, Tomato paste, Peanut paste, Fruit paste, Chili sauce, Bean sauce, etc.
  • Granule —— Crystal MSG, Granule medicine, Capsule, Seeds, Raw Chemistry material, Sugar, Chicken essence, Melon seed, Nuts, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Feed, etc.
  • Powder —— Flavoring, MSG, Milk powder, Glucose, Washing powder, Raw chemistry material, White sugar, Pesticides, Fertilizer, etc.
  • Solid —— Candy, Red dates, Oatmeal, Chocolate, Cookies, Peanut, Green soybeans, Rock candy, Pastry, Commodity, Puffed food, etc.

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