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Automatic Food Packaging Machine

Food packaging occupies a large proportion of our company’s business, mainly including some snacks, meat, vegetables and other products. Many customers have achieved a high degree of automation through our machines. We have many different types of machines that can pack food. You can choose according to your needs. If you don’t know the difference between them, you can read our article 4 Types of Automatic Food Packaging Machines.

packaging machine MR8-200RW-300
MR8-300/200RW SERIES

Premade Pouch Food Packing Machine

Beautifully Package Up to 80 Bags/Min Premade pouch packaging machine is the first choice of many people. It has fast speed, strong stability, high degree of automation, and has the ability to pack all kinds of special-shaped bags. It can also meet the functions of food disinfection, dust removal, and nitrogen filling. The customized feeding machine can perfectly adapt to most foods.

Vacuum packaging machine MRZK-120-300

Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Package Up to 80 Bags/Min The vacuum packaging machine is similar in design to the Premade pouch packaging machine. A rotating vacuum chamber is added to the rear section. It is a perfect choice for those customers who want to achieve premade pouch vacuum packaging. It has most of the functions of a premade pouch packaging machine while it can be vacuum packed.

VFFS machine
EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

Low Price Up to 60 Bags/Min VFFS is also the choice of many people, which can handle packaging in most industries, with a lower price and a fast speed.

HFFS machine dxd-380
DXD-300/380/630 SERIES

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine

Larger Block Pack Up to 290 Bags/Min Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine is used to pack larger blocks, and the Double jaw can double the packaging speed. At the same time, the lower price makes it very suitable for products that adopt low-price strategies.


Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

Tray Sealing Up to 12 Cycle/Min Fully intelligent system control, easy to access the production line and switch parameters. There are two modes for sealing: pressure mode and time mode, can be freely selected.