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Piston Liquid Filling Machine

RJ-AFL Series

Automatic Piston Filling Machine & Liquid Filling Machine

Capacity60 BPM
Nozzles2 – 12
Filling Range30ml – 5000ml
Accuracy± 0.1% ~ 0.4%

The RJ-AF Automatic Liquid Piston Filling Machine is designed for the automatic filling of liquid with certain or high-viscosity(If you want to fill low-viscosity liquids, you can choose our Gravity Liquid Filling Machine), such as oil, hand sanitizer, cream, sauce, honey, ketchup, etc. The machine is mainly used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Liquid Filling Machine has a lot of advantages, all parts are made by CNC precision machining, the whole machine uses high-quality stainless steel as the manufacturing material, the main electrical parts of the machine were imported, controlled by PLC, operated by touch screen, controlled by servo motor filling, high precision almost no need for maintenance, just simple maintenance.


  • Users can choose from 2 to 16 filling heads.
  • Drip-proof filling head design.
  • When filling, the filling head will be inserted into the bottom of the bottle, the filling head will rise during filling.
  • The filling volume can be adjusted by touching the screen and shaking the lever.
  • Frequency control, no bottle no filling.
  • Using the upper type liquid cylinder, when the liquid in the cylinder is insufficient, it can automatically alarm and complete the liquid supply automatically.


Range (ml)30ml – 5000ml
Capacity (b/min)800 – 10001500 – 18001800 – 25002500 – 30003000 – 36003600 – 4200
Air Comsuption (m³/min)
Accuracy± 0.1% ~ 0.4%
Voltage & Power2000w 220v 50hz/60hz Single Phase, 2000w 380v 50hz/60hz Three Phase

Bottle Style

Industries & Solution

Detergent, Washing Fluid, Soy sauce, Rice vinegar, Juice, Tomato paste, Peanut paste, Fruit paste, Chili sauce, Bean sauce, etc.

Bottle Line

By combining Linear Capping Machine and Bottle Labeling Machine, a highly automated Bottle Line can be formed.

  • Mechanical production line to achieve high intelligence, only one operator and three assistants can run the whole production line smoothly.
  • The whole production line is adopting eco-friendly design, the filling machine and screw cap area are adopting sealing airtight exhaust mode, to make sure no odor gas is produced in production site.
  • The filling machinery is equipped with automatic cleaning system, the convey belt is equipped with collect liquid sump, the arrangement of electricity and gas adopts scientific bridge form than can keep production site clean and use 5S management easily.
  • The whole production line adopts high-efficiency and high-accuracy design, and equipped with multi-channel detection system that can ensure each product after filling 100% qualified.

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