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Automatic Linear Capping Machine

Automatic Linear Capping Machine RJ-LC

The RJ-LC spindle capping machine is suitable for spindle screw caps, locked caps and spray caps and so on. The RJ-LC equipped with a constant torque capping head, it is easy to adjustment pressure. Compact and reasonable design makes the machine can be easily linked with other equipment line. It is suitable for all kinds of bottle caps with diameter of 10-180mm. The RJ-LC overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional capping machine that one cap use one capping head. The machine is original in design that is very easy to adjustment and operation. The production speed is up to 200 bottles per minute. The machine can be used for single machine production, but also the ideal model of wire production.


  • Planish belt can be adjusted singly, applicable to different diameters caps.
  • Aerosol cap can be customized.
  • The structural design of the machine is very reasonable, easy to operate, the cover rate is more than 99.9%.
  • The motor adjusts the height of the machine according to the different height of bottle, and it can adjust without manual operation.
  • A cluster of motor control a pair of rub-cap wheels.