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Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine


Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine

CapacityUp To 290 BPM
Bag Height35 – 250mm
Bag Width60 – 450mm
Bag Length2 – 120mm

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine(HFFS) is suitable for pillow type packaging of big products. Such as quick frozen food with tray, biscuits, hamburger, instant noodles, articles for daily use, drug sundries and so on.

It is heat-sealing pillow with double frequency, automatic high speed package machine for the biscuit, the chocolate, instant noodle, the drug and so on another goods, After the package, these goods are of beautiful appearance, strong sealing, health and long storage.


  • All use the servo intelligentized control, run with low noise, make comfortable environment.
  • The whole process of packaging is automatic: feeding, forming, filling and sealing, the machine achieves a high degree of automation.
  • Design with the humanoid, uses the industry’s touch screen, intuitionistic show parameter, man-machine overlapping exchange way operation, menu operation, easy to operate.
  • The horizontal sealing and film is synchronization, the sealing is more reliable and artistic.
  • The length adjustment scope is extremely broad, suitable for packing many kinds of products.


Bag Length190 – 450mm90 – 270mm170 – 400mm80 – 300mm60 – 100mm220 – 450mm220 – 450mm
Bag Width40 – 140mm40 – 140mm35 – 100mm35 – 100mm35 – 100mm120 – 250mm120 – 250mm
Bag Height25 – 110mm25 – 80mm20 – 60mm
3 – 40mm
2 – 30mm
10 – 80mm20 – 120mm
Capacity35 – 130bags/min60 – 260bags/min
(Double jaw)
30 – 140bags/min
80 – 290bags/min
(Double jaw)
80 – 290bags/min
(Double jaw)
15 – 80bags/min15 – 60bags/min
Max Width of Film480mm300mm630mm
Max Dia of FilmΦ300mmΦ350mmΦ350mm
Total Power3kw 220v 50-60hz3kw 220v 50-60hz3.3kw 220v 50-60hz
Demension3.5 * 1 * 1.5m4.7 * 0.85 * 1.55m4 * 1.25 * 1.5m
4.5 * 1.3 * 1.5m
Capacity & Filling Volume depends on the product status and filling weight
Our machines can be equipped with different cutters and chains to suit different sizes of packaging. Depending on your material and packaging requirements, we will complete the configuration for you before shipment.

Industries & Solution

IQF food with tray, Biscuits, Hamburger, Instant noodles, Articles for daily use, Drug sundries and So on.

Working Principle

Complete Operational Principle

Put package 10 into the pushing chain track 9, entering into shaper 8. With the transmission of the feeding paper parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the package paper is sent continuously and accurately into shaper 8. The package paper crosses the package material in the shaper through the act of shaper, making the package material in the shaper through the act of shaper, making the package paper pack on the article, and while the sending wheel 11 with brush 17 forward sends material, after being heated by heating copper 13 to make the vertical sealing complete. They continue going on forward through guide block 14, enter into the horizontal sealing cutter 16 to cut off the horizontal sealing, then finished go our product 15.


  • Materials are sent unceasingly into the shaper.
  • kage paper crosses the package goods through the guide board, then enters into the shaper and then the shaper packs the package paper together with goods, forming a pipe, and then they are carried forward.

Feeding Parts

The dynamic of transmission system is driven through several transmission units to rubber roller through the double chain wheel, and finally complete feeding paper.

Heat-Sealing Parts

Feeding wheel catches piping package material carrial carried out by the shaper. And they are sent to vertical sealing roll wheel to finish its vertical hot mixing after being heated by heating copper and the hair brushes, vertical sealing hemming-stitch pressure flat. The horizontal sealing xdissors turn to the vertical heat mixed package materials that have been heated form a cross sealing through horizontal sealing head and vertical sealing line. Then they are cutted off at the same time through the relative motion of cutting tools and hammer anvil to send out from the terminal.