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Handwashing Fluid Pouch/Bottle Packing Machine

The first effect of people’s hand sanitizer packaging is bottled. Although the bottle contains many advantages, sometimes the bag can also make your product stand out. Stand up pouch, spout pouch can make the use of bagged hand sanitizer very convenient.

Handwashing Fluid is a high-foaming liquid, and it will produce foam during vigorous exercise. In order to avoid this, we will use a piston pump for filling and add a servo lift to reduce the drop distance of the liquid.

RJ-AF liquid filling machine 300x300

Piston Handwashing Fluid Bottling Machine

Easily Fill Viscous Liquids Up to 60 Bottles/Min The RJ-AF Automatic Liquid Piston Filling Machine is designed for the automatic filling of liquid with certain or high viscosity, It can fill multiple types of bottles, and can be used with other machines to complete a highly automated bottling line.

packaging machine MR8-200RW-300
MR8-300/200RW SERIES

Handwashing Fluid Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Beautifully Package Up to 50 Bags/Min Premade Pouch Packing Machine can use stand up pouch and spout pouch to make hand sanitizer very convenient. We also use a unique technology to make the filling of hand sanitizer no problem. In terms of speed, although the liquid filling will be slower, our machine can still reach 50 Bags/Min at the fastest. If you choose a faster liquid filler, this speed can be faster.

VFFS machine
EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Handwashing Fluid Sachet Packing Machine

Low Price Up to 60 Bags/Min This machine is usually used to pack small sachet packs. It is characterized by high speed and low price. These Handwashing Fluid sachets are usually disposable products used in hotels or when going out.