Auger Filler

Filling Speed40-120bags/min
Package Weight10-5000g


It is specially designed and manufactured for powder, superfine powder and other materials. This function can complete the measurement, filling, nitrogen filling and other work, through the servo motor to drive screw rotation, to measure the purpose of filling materials. It can be matched with various bag making and packing machines, and can be used to measure filling powder material.

It is suitable for packing milk powder, rice flour, nutritious food, solid drink, food additive, monosodium glutamate, condiment, glucose, dyestuff, essence, spice and other materials.

Model & Parameters

Auger Filler
Package Weight10 – 1000g
Packing Accuracy≤ ±1%(≤ 100g) ≤ ±0.5%(100 – 1000g)
Filling Speed40 – 120bags/min
Power3p 380v 50hz
Total Power1.0 / 1.5kw
Volume1300 × 850 × 1850mm

Package weight change with the screw.

Machine Structure

Contains Auger Filler and Conveyor Screw