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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

XCJ Series

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Suction Capacity95 – 350m³/h
Final Vacuum Degree12 – 26kpa

Capability and Character of XJC series include reasonable structure, small size, low noise, flexible mobility, strong powder, and convenient repairmen and operation.

It’s mainly used in associated equipment of pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries and can absorb and recycle redundant powers in the process of production, which is the best ideal environmental, energy-saving, clean equipment.

Model Parameters

Suction Capacity95m³/h210m³/h260m³/h280m³/h350m³/h
Final Vacuum Degree12kpa18kpa25kpa26kpa26kpa
Net Weight10kg42kg50kg60kg80kg
XCJ-260 is the most suitable packaging machine for us in most cases