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Double-Sided Labeller


Automatic Double-Sided Labeling Machine

The RJ-DSL high-speed double-sided adhesive labeling machine is mainly used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. It is also suitable for flat, square and irregular containers, and can be pasted with two front and back labels at the same time. The machine has a single – sided paste and double-sided paste two options. The machine is equipped with round bottle labeling device which can paste single or two labels of round bottle. The RJ-DSL also increases the top label head, can stick bottle top, box top and cover, etc.


  • The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy.
  • The head of the labeling machine is used high speed servo motor which ensures the labeling speed and labeling accuracy.
  • Every optoelectronic and control systems are made of high-end products from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, China.
  • The PLC human-machine interface provides easy operation.