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Shrink Sleeve Labeller


Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labelling Machine

The RJ-SL high speed sleeve marking machine is mainly used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. It is also suitable for flat, square and irregular containers. The machine adopts PLC control and servo drive that can ensure accurate labeling, high efficiency and stability.


  • Full cover stainless steel host: the whole machine is waterproof and not easy to rust.
  • Variable cutter head: original rotary cutting, imported cutting tools, and with a long service life.
  • Single positioning center guide post: the design can make the label guide more stable.
  • Synchronous bottle deliver: makes bottle delivery more stable.
  • Bottom setting label brush: labeling machine accuracy is more accurate.
  • Label-controlling electric-eye shelf: the unique combination of tail and electric-eye improves the accuracy of film material cutting.
  • Push-button control cabinet: a more humanized operation.
  • Independent feeding material shelf: free selection of rack position.