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Pneumatic Liquid Filler


Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Piston Filler

Filling Volume30 – 5000ml
Filling Speed6 – 30bags/min


The series of piston fillers are designed to dispense a wide variety of liquid and semi-liquid products. Which are ideal filling machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, or other industries. This pure pneumatic machine is suitable for the explosion-resistant production environment because it is operated by air only, no electrical needed.


  • Pure pneumatic, powered by Air, designed for safe working under anti-explosion and terrible working conditions.
  • Mechanical position, high accuracy within +0.5%~1%.
  • Control system by PLC for high accuracy and adjusting range, hand wheel, and counter for volume adjustment, with clear figures.
  • Equipped with Emergency Stop. Once Emergency Stop is pressed, all the actions stop.
  • Famous brands for electrical components, guarantee high quality, stable running, and low error ratio.
  • The parts that come in touch with the product are made of 316L stainless steel.
  • Compatible with various filling systems, suitable to package liquid materials, such as shampoo, facial cream, oil, sauce, jam, etc.

Model & Parameters

Filling1 No-drip filling nozzle1 No-drip filling nozzle1 No-drip filling nozzle
Filling Volume30 – 250ml50 – 500ml100 – 5000ml
Filling Speed10 – 30bags/min8 – 25bags/min6 – 20bags/min
Pneumatic ComponentsAirtacAirtacAirtac
Machine DrivenCompressed airCompressed airCompressed air
OtherPVC hose, Check valvePVC hose, Check valvePVC hose, Check valve
Filling Speed for 100ml/bottle medium viscous product like shampoo or oil