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AC Series Multi Head Weigher


Multi Head Weigher AC Series

Weighing Range25 – 500g
AccuracyX(0.5) Grade
Max. Speed80 – 140bags/min


  • This machine adopts factorial theory, chooses one combination which is closest to the target weight from plenty of qualified combinations.
  • This machine is particularly applicable for weighing granular products in pipelining operation.

Model & Parameters

Rated Voltageac220vac220v
Rated Frequency50 / 60hz50 / 60hz
Rated Current9a8a
Input Power2.0kw1.5kw
Bucket Number1410
Weighing Range25 – 500g25 – 500g
AccuracyX(0.5) GradeX(0.5) Grade
Capacity500ml / 1300ml / 2500ml800ml / 1300ml / 2500ml
Max. Speed140bags/min80bags/min
Pro-memory0 – 990 – 99

Machine Structure

The main components of AC-6B 14(10)-2C, series are shown in Fig:

1: Infeed Funnel2: Level Sensor3: Top Cone4: Linear Feeder Pan
5: Feed Bucket6: Weigh Bucket7: Collating Chute8: Hang Bolt
9: Main Breaker10: Creapage ON-OFF11: Base Frame12: Collating Funnel
13: Wire For Display14: Display15: Aluminum Case16: Linear feeder
17: Main Feeder

Packing Size & Weight:

  • AC-6B14-2C-15/18 —— 1600(L)×1210(W)×1484(H) 420kg
  • AC-6B10-2C-15/18 —— 1436(L)×1086(W)×1388(H) 250kg
  • AC-6B14-2B-13 —— 1336(L)×936(W)×1113(H) 250kg
  • AC-6B10-2B-12 —— 1336(L)×930(W)×1146(H) 210kg
  • AC-6B10-2B-16XM —— 1650(L)×1600(W)×1200(H) 250kg

Assembly Dimension:

Working Principle

Products to be weighed are firstly delivered by Conveyor and fed into the Infeed Funnel. Then it can be dispersed to Linear Feeder Pans from the vibrating Top Cone controlled by program. The products flow thickness can be changed by adjusting the height of the Infeed Funnel. Products to be weighed are distributed evenly into each Linear Feeder Pan, stored in Feed Bucket. When Weigh Buckets complete the previous weighing and after they are cleaned out, products to be weighed in Feed Buckets can be fed into Weigh Buckets to prepare for next combination. Meanwhile this machine can work with other equipments like packaging machines or conveyor by signal communication, The work flow is shown in Fig.

The CPU calculates the weight value from each Weigh Bucket , adds up the single weight and gets numerous combinations which meet the set deviation from Target Weight, then selects the closest one to the Target Weight as shown in Fig.

Working Environment

Temperature: -5 – 400℃

Humidity: 35 – 85%

Electrical power: AC 208V – 240V 50/60Hz

Installation environment: On a hard, horizontal and non-oscillation surface.

Grounding: Make sure the grounding terminal is grounded.

Jamming source: Keep away or shield off.

Should work in axenic and non-dusty workshop when packing food products.

Avoid working in the surrounding with causticity gassy.

Forbid to touch the screen with nipping tools.


Don’t strike or push a large pressure on weigh buckets.

Do check and clean out the remaining material inside buckets before running. Press ZERO button to empty buckets and set to zero before operation.

Do switch off the power supply when maintaining and cleaning.

Do switch off the power supply when there is a malfunction in electronic parts. It should be maintained by an electronic-engineer.

Make sure that the machine is fastened and stable when cleaning, maintaining and operating the machine, because there is still a certain distance from the machine body to the ground if the weigher is installed on the top of the packing machine.

The volts d.c. should be less than 30V of the connection signal which produced by other equipments connecting with the weigher such as feeding apparatus, Packing machine, conveyor, etc. And the load current should be not more than 100mA.

Don’t touch the buckets’ door, weight buckets and other running parts while the machine is running.