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Spout Filling & Capping Machine


Middle Spout Filling & Capping Machine MR8-200G

CapacityUp To 70 BPM
Packing caliberΦ8.6mm
Filling Volume200 – 500ml
Nozzle Number4


  • The machine adopts pneumatic, mechanical drive and “PLC” Control combination.
  • Automatic quantitative filling, high accuracy, no splash, no leakage.
  • Capping device to make degree of tightness appropriate.
  • Increase tempered glass dust-free cover and with air purifier.
  • The parts in contact with the food use 304 stainless steel and the turntable also made of 304, sanitary, neat and bright.
  • The frame is made of stainless steel, out-covered 304 sanding plate.
  • Each machine is manufactured by our professional workers.
  • Each machine with a strict inspection before out of storage.
  • Each machine use a large number of 304 stainless steel.
  • Each machine use good quality electric elements.


Nozzle Number4
Bag typeSpout pouch
Capacity60 – 70 BPM
Packing caliberΦ8.6mm or Φ10mm
Filling volume200ml – 500ml
Power380V 3phases 50HZ 4kw
Machine size3250 * 2300 * 2300mm
Air consumption0.5 – 0.8m³/min
Capacity & Filling Volume depends on the product status and filling weight.

Equipment Running Description

Auto pouch feeding → Auto dosing filling → Auto spout cleaning → Auto cap feeding and inserting(with cap elevator) → Auto cap screwing (adopt one motor unified control torsion) → Discharging (Auto control processing)