A Small Screw in Packaging Machine

  •  2020-12-28

You may have taken the Chinese high speed railway, have you ever wondered why china’s high speed railway is so stable. It’s because the chief designer get motion sick. More importantly this stability is attributed to an indispensable component —— Screw.

The small screw usually goes unnoticed, however it’s the high quality screws and nuts that resist loosening from the strong vibration when trains are in operation. Thus, this little anti loosening screw guarantees the stability. The same principle applies to our high speed vacuum packaging machine. Our packaging machine also uses exactly the same standard screws as the high speed rail.

If you have ever understood this industry, you may thought only Hardlock Industrial Co., Ltd. could produce never loosening screws. And the screws are imported from Japan. Why are your screws in packaging machines domestically made. Actually there is no such thing as a never loosening anti loosening screw in the world, but it has a strong anti loosening performance. Hardlock is no prefect, It has short life and is expensive. Therefore, China does not use Japanese made screws at all let alone purchase them. On the contrary China has already broken through this obstacle and created another kind of nuts developed by China Academy of Railway Sciences. This technology was licensed to use by several Chinese companies such as Tieke Track. Both in terms of use and life they are superior to Japan’s never loosening screws. Therefore, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Doesn’t such a small screw reflect China’s craftsmanship spirit? The excellent quality of ECHO Machinery is a result of fostering China’s craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best.