List of Wearing Parts Included With the Purchase of the Machine

  •  2022-07-28

We provide a free batch of wearing parts when purchasing the machine, based on our newly upgraded warehouse. You can also purchase additional accessories at any time.

Parts Warehouse

To increase transparency, we publish this list here.

Multi-point suction cupKD-2750
Double layer suction cup, bigS-30II20
Double layer suction cup, smallS-20II20
Zipper suction cupSMC-15II20
Belt pulleyOrange5
Machine clip leather pad, short13×1550
Machine clip leather pad, long13×2105
Proximity SwitchesHSM-D05NK4
Regulating valveESL6-M54
Regulating valveESL6-014
Threaded unionEPC6-012
Threaded unionEPC8-011
Threaded unionEPC8-021
Threaded unionEPC12-021
Right angle fittingsEGPL6-M51
Right angle fittingsEGPL6-011
Right angle fittingsEGPL8-021
Right angle fittingsEGPL10-021
Reducer unionEPG6-81
Reducer unionEPG8-101
Tube plug8mm2
Solenoid actuated relayLRSSR-20A2
compound relayTM-D6D-D241
Heating tube10×2556
Thermal coupleK-0.8M3
Coding ribbon30mmx100mmFC25
Cam follower rocker shaftMR8.200R.12-07B1
304 ring21-38mm2
Bag forming drag spring1.0xout8x925
Bag forming drag spring1.0xout8x1055
304 clamp draw springMR8.200R.04-125
Printing sort (typesetting)2x4x14.578
Air gunM81
Tool bagThermal Coding Machine1

Different machine accessories will be different, here is an example of standard MR8-200R, Specifically subject to our salesperson.