Maintain the Packaging Machine in Winter

  •  2022-02-08

EchoMachinery’s packaging machine has been a dedicated “worker” since it was produced and bought by customers.

It is stable quality in the year after year to complete their “work tasks”, but whenever the approaching winter and lower temperatures, it will also play some small “capricious”, you need to maintain it, or it may go on strike.

Below, we have a number of guides to help you keep your machine in good “working condition”.

Manual Cup Filler

As winter temperatures get colder and colder, just as people add clothing to keep warm, our “worker” need to be resupplied with the “production essentials”.

Manual Cup Filler’s measuring cups are made of food-grade PTFE, a material that expands and contracts under low temperatures, causing the gap between the cups to become larger, resulting in a lower success rate of feeding, which requires an “O-ring” for the cups.

In this way, even if the cups are “capricious” and “deformed”, there is no problem. Note that you must increase the type of ring every other cup, otherwise the effect is not obvious. Also, remember to take off the “O-ring” after the winter, otherwise, the cup can be uncomfortable to strangle!

Tips: Some machines can also adjust the stainless steel guide at the end of the ring base plate to adjust the gap between the cups, by reinforcing the cups to solve the problem of large gaps.

Industrial Chiller

Don’t look at it called an Industrial Chiller and think it’s not afraid of the cold, ​just like the barber in Russell’s paradox, in fact, the most afraid of the cold is it! When the weather is cold, the chiller is also “capricious” and screams its need for warmth.

Chiller as an independent “worker”, which placed a large amount of pure water to do water circulation for the machine, we all know that when the water temperature is low to a critical point when the liquid water will condense into solid ice, so it can not do water circulation or even damage the machine.

So the chiller should be placed in a low-temperature environment when working in indoor constant temperature conditions, and in time to empty the water in the chiller when the equipment stops running, to prevent the chiller from freezing due to low temperatures at night.

Working Environment

As the weather gets colder, “workers” are more “capricious” about their working environment. If the working environment does not meet the following 4 requirements, there is a great possibility that the machine will “strike” or cause danger to their “colleagues”.

1. Since the equipment is in a semi-open state, it is necessary to check the environment around the equipment before work starts, clean up unnecessary personal items in the work area and exclude dangerous items to eliminate safety hazards.

2. Check whether the safety channel is blocked, the blocked safety channel is not conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the flow of goods delivery in case of emergency.

3. Check whether the bag is stained with water or inadvertently stained because of low temperature, such as pollution must be replaced and clean the bag in time to prevent the machine due to stains affect the packaging effect and lead to a higher rate of defective products.

4. Check whether the product is frozen in the low-temperature environment, such as the failure to check and affect the product packaging or customer complaints, is not the fault of the “worker”.

Winter Shutdown

After a year of work, our “worker” needs a full cleaning to clean the oil and stains from the equipment to ensure that the equipment will look like new for the next year.

Remember what we said earlier about the “worker” shrinking and expanding due to the low temperatures in winter? We need to maintain the equipment by applying a small viscosity grease to the cams to reduce friction and seal the gap.

After completing all the work above, you need to cover the “worker” plastic film cover to prevent the accumulation of dust on the equipment, while the bottom of the machine and the motor box do a good job of sealing to prevent rodents from going in and chewing on the equipment wires cause unnecessary losses.

packaging machine with plastic film cover

And finally, wish you a happy Chinese New Year!