Should You Use Rice Vacuum Packaging? Advantage & Deficiency

  •  2021-06-15

As early as more than 7,000 years ago, the original residents of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River had mastered rice planting technology and began to use it as a staple food. Humans have mastered rice technology for more than a thousand years. Since the endosperm of rice is directly exposed on the outside, it is susceptible to deterioration due to external influences. Therefore, the application of vacuum form in rice packaging is becoming more and more.

rice in the husk


Extended shelf life

Rice is in contact with the air for too long and it is easy to cause deterioration. In dry areas, the storage time limit of rice is 6-12 months, while in humid areas, rice can only be stored for 3 months. If vacuum packaging is used to isolate the air and the rice is stored in a sealed bag, it can be stored for 4 years.

Save storage space and improve transportation efficiency

Vacuum packaging greatly reduces the volume of the finished product and saves storage space by evacuating the air inside the packaging to the greatest extent. The increase in space utilization allows businesses to transport more vacuum rice at one time, saving the cost of transportation time. Based on this idea, a kind of brick-shaped vacuum packaging form has been produced, and its square shape greatly saves the space occupied when stacking.

High-end rice

Keep it fresh

Rice is easily affected by the temperature and humidity in the air. Especially in summer, the internal moisture of rice grains exposed to the air will be reduced by high temperature, which will affect the taste of the rice grains. In severe cases, the rice grains may crack. Vacuum packaging will vacuum seal the rice when it is in good condition to isolate it from the air. Even after a long time, when the package is opened again, the rice still retains its fresh taste.

Give a person edible peace of mind feeling

Vacuum-packed rice is mostly small-capacity high-end quality rice. The weight of this kind of bagged rice is generally below 5kg, and the price is relatively high. Consumers generally have extra expectations when choosing such products. The use of vacuum packaging gives people a safer and healthier look and feel of food, which can meet this consumption expectation, thereby reasonably increasing the premium and increasing sales.

Reduce pest infestation

Rice sometimes attaches some insect eggs that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. If vacuum packaging is used to isolate the air, the eggs will lose the conditions for hatching. It can solve the problem of rice worms, and provide a certain degree of safety for the consumption of rice.



The cost of packaging bags increased

Vacuum packaging will compact the loose rice in the packaging bag. During this process, the pointed parts of the two ends of the rice will often puncture the packaging bag. Therefore, the bag used for vacuum packaging of rice needs to be thicker than ordinary bags, which undoubtedly increases the cost of vacuum packaging of rice.

Packing machinery costs more

Vacuum packaging requires an additional step of vacuuming. Whether it is manual or automatic, additional labor or machine costs are required. If you want to pursue a better vacuum packaging effect, you also need more professional and expensive machines, such as our vacuum packaging machine. Compared with the bag-type packaging machine, the price difference is more than 70%, so the cost of the vacuum packaging machine will be much higher than that of ordinary packaging.

Serviceable range

In the past 10 years, the price of rice futures has not changed much, but the terminal price has continued to rise. It can be seen that with the improvement of the market and the improvement of people’s food quality requirements, the demand for high-end rice is also increasing, so the vacuum-packed rice market Also getting bigger. In addition to eating this kind of high-end rice, it is gradually becoming a popular gift-giving method. I believe that with the expansion of the high-end market in the future, vacuum-packed rice will become more and more important.