Types of Toy Packaging

  •  2021-08-23

Toys have long been not exclusive to children. With the increase of age, different groups of people have different needs for toys, and toys suitable for adults are also emerging in endlessly. If you pay attention to your friends, maybe you will find that there are many people who are obsessed with toys.

The benefits of toys

All kinds of data and facts tell us the influence of toys on human growth and development. Toys can always bring many benefits to human development.

Humans have been in contact with toys since childhood. From the very beginning, the various abilities of infants and young children were exercised through the colors of toys and the sounds they made. This was an important tool for them to understand the world.

When children are playing, they will “communicate” with toys, which gives children the opportunity to express their thoughts in words. Toys can also encourage children to use their senses to touch the world, such as stimulating their sense of sight, hearing and touch, and helping them to cooperate with their body’s various sensory responses to contact and recognize the novelty and all things in the outside world.

Whether it is the toy itself or the packaging of the toy, their design is brightly colored. This can directly bring visual excitement to the children.

As a child grows up, various physical functions such as hand-foot coordination, hand-eye coordination, etc. need to be trained and gradually established. And toys are one of the best training tools.



Graphic elements

The graphic elements of toy packaging mainly refer to the information that can be conveyed directly and effectively to consumers on the packaging shell, mainly including the specific shape of the toy printed on the package. The graphic elements of packaging are mainly taking into account that customers cannot intuitively understand the internal goods, and this defect can be compensated by graphic printing on the packaging. The graphic elements of toy packaging are the most important component in the entire toy packaging. This increases the possibility of products being selected by customers to a certain extent, and acts as a salesperson.

Nowadays, most of the toys we can see on the shelves of shopping malls use cartoon graphics on their packaging. Cartoon images can make it easier for consumers to understand the products inside the packaging, and also add a certain degree of vividness and interest. Cartoon images have gradually become the mainstream in toy packaging, which can have a visual impact on consumers and stimulate their consumption of toys.

Color element

Toy packaging is usually decorated with bright colors. The color selection of toy packaging is mainly based on the color characteristics of the products in the packaging. In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the consumer psychology of consumers.

Bright colors not only play the role of attracting consumers, but also leave a deep impression on customers, can make people aftertaste, and play the purpose of secondary consumption.

The color selection of children’s toy packaging is also regular. The color contrast of children’s toy packaging is strong, and low-brightness and low-purity colors are rarely used. In view of children’s psychological characteristics, high-brightness warm colors are often used in the color selection of children’s toy packaging. This kind of color contrast is stronger, and the visual experience is more vivid.


Personality element

The main consumer of toys is still children, so when designing toy packaging, it is inevitable to consider children’s psychological characteristics. While taking into account the consumer group, it also pays attention to the individuality and design of the packaging.

Take the packaging of Barbie dolls. Collectible and limited edition Barbie doll sets are mainly used by consumers for collection and decoration. Therefore, the packaging of this type of toy is usually a small display box. In view of the characteristics of this toy, its packaging will pay more attention to the selection of packaging materials and the originality of packaging design, which is to reflect the collection value of the toy. The packaging of Barbie dolls for people to play is usually designed with an open window, and the toys are wrapped in transparent materials to attract the corresponding consumer groups.

The packaging of toys is an important means of protecting and promoting toys. When designing a successful toy packaging, it is necessary to carry out design innovations from the toy’s packaging graphics, packaging colors and packaging personality to make the toy attract consumers’ attention.


Window frame

Window frame packaging allows consumers to understand the contents of the box through the plastic spacers on the box. The window frame of some toy packaging is completely opened, that is to say, there is no plastic diaphragm that separates the consumer from the toy. This style of toy packaging can play a role in fixing the toy.

packaging of toys

Plastic shell

The plastic shell mentioned here refers to the plastic clip that can be opened by sandwiching the toy in the middle, just like a clam, which can be opened and closed. There are two ways to seal the clip plastic shell. One is completely sealed. If consumers need to open the package, they need to destroy the package itself. The other is a way that can be opened and closed repeatedly, and the corresponding position is provided with a buckle to realize multiple opening and closing. Not only toys are clamped by the plastic shells on the front and back, but also related instruction cards. Consumers can also see the above related content more clearly.

This packaging method can ensure the safety of the product and facilitate the storage of toys.


Blister is the most common toy packaging shell. It is to glue the plastic shell of the toy to the cardboard printed with toy information, brand promotion and other materials. The product itself is tightly wrapped, which can effectively prevent the movement and damage to the product in the package.

Blind box

Blind boxes have become very popular in recent years. Whether children or adults, blind boxes are absolutely attractive to them. The love of surprises may be the reason why more and more people choose blind boxes. Therefore, blind boxes are sometimes called surprise boxes.

The blind box is to seal the toy in an aluminum foil bag or a plastic bag and put it in a square box. The outer box may be printed with the image of the series of toys in the blind box, but consumers will never guess what the inside really looks like. Blind boxes can bring 100% surprises to consumers and are very suitable for collecting toys.


Packaging Machine

Based on the variety of toy packaging, many types of packaging require specific packaging machines, but there are also some packaging machines that can solve most packaging solutions, such as skin packaging machine, vffs.

Skin Packaging Machine

Many time, you can see a kind of packaging, with transparent plastic clinging to the surface of the toy. It is likely that a technology called Skin Pack is used to complete the packaging.


Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine, also known as HFFS, is a general solution for packaging in many cases. You just need to arrange the packaging on the conveyor belt. The following video demonstrates how it packs cards.