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M Series Multi Head Weigher


Multi Head Weigher M Series

Weigh Range5 – 5000g
Max. Speed65 – 120bags/min
Accuracy±0.1 – 2.0

  • This machine adopts factorial theory, chooses one combination which is closest to the target weight from plenty of qualified combinations.
  • This machine is particularly applicable for weighing granular products in pipelining operation.

Model & Parameters

ApplicationSmall GranuleNormal GranuleSaladSmall GranuleNormal GranuleSalad
Weigh Range5 – 200g10 – 1000g20 – 3000g5 – 200g10 – 2000g20 – 5000g
Max. Speed65655012012080
Accuracy±0.1 – 1.0±0.1 – 1.5±0.1 – 2.0±0.1 – 1.0±0.1 – 1.5±0.1 – 2.0
Weigh Bucket0.5l1.6 / 2.5l5l0.5l1.6 / 2.5l5l
Net Weight280kg320kg500kg350kg400kg900kg

Machine Structure

1: Machine Frame2: Discharge Chute3: In-feed Funnel4: Supporting Post
5: Top Cone6: Linear Feeder Pan7: Upper Cover8: Feed Hopper
9: Linear Vibrator10: Actuator11: Weigh Hopper12: Touch Screen
13: Plastic Screw14: Base Cover15: Sensor Clamp16: Timing Hopper
17:Photo Sensor

Working Principle


Product is firstly delivered by Conveyor into upper storage funnel, then discharged and distributed to linear vibrator pans with the help of the top cone. Product thickness can be adjusted by adjusting the height of storage funnel post.

Product Distribution and Weighing

Product is distributed evenly from Top Cone into each Linear Feeder Pan and stored in Feed Hopper. When Weigh Hopper finishes the previous weighing and discharges the combination, the products in Feed Hopper will be dropped to Weigh Hopper to be weighed and combined.


The machine CPU will process the weight data received from each Weigh hopper, and calculate out numerous qualified combinations which comply with the target weight, then choose the best one to discharge.

The parameters related with “weight in weigh hopper”, ‘AFC’, ‘Main AMP’, ‘Line AMP’, ‘Average Combine Hoppers’, ‘Average Hopper Weight%’.

  • AFC Disable: The bigger ‘Main AMP’ (Main VB Amplitude) and ‘Line AMP’ (Linear VB Amplitude) are, the heavier weigh hoppers are.
  • AFCT: The bigger ‘Average Combine Hoppers’ is, the lighter Single Hopper Weight is.
  • AFCW: The bigger ‘Average Hopper Weight%’ is, the heavier each hopper weight is.

The parameters related with combination: ‘OPTIMUM’, ‘Combined Hoppers’

  •  OPTIMUM: the bigger this value is, the higher the accuracy is. As shown in chart 3-3-2, if the ’OPTIMUM’ is 98, then the best combination ‘9’ will be selected and there is no need finding other combinations.
  • Combined hoppers: The bigger this value is, the higher the pass rate is. As shown in Chart 3-3-2, if there is no qualified combination weight, and if the actual combined hoppers number ≥ ‘Preset Combined HOPPERS’, then it will be forced to discharge in order to increase the whole running continuity. If the actual combined hoppers number < ‘Preset Combined HOPPERS’, then it will wait for the discharged hoppers to make combination again.


There are four ways to discharge weighed products to next equipment:

  • No Timing Hopper: Product is directly discharged from the discharge chute gate.Discharge by Timing Hopper (Timing Hopper for one bag): Product is firstly stored in timing hopper after dropping from weigh hopper, and then dumped to next equipment. This function is to collect products and shorten the drop time.
  • Timing Hopper Distribution (Timing Hopper for two bags): Product is firstly stored in timing hopper after dropping from the weigh hopper, and then dumped to next two packaging machines according to the ‘dumping asking signals’. This function is to make full use of the high speed of combination weigher.
  • One timing hopper + Automatic Checker(Timing Hopper for rejection): Product is firstly stored in timing hopper after dropping from Weigh Hopper; the timing hopper shortens the drop time of the products. When there are unqualified products, the automatic checker will be on and discharges the reject to the retriever to prevent it from entering the next procedure.

Working Environment

Temperature: 0 – 40°C

Humidity: 35 – 85%

Power: AC220 ±5V, 50 – 60HZ

Installation place: On rigid, horizontal and no vibration surface.

Earth line: Make sure the machine is connecting effectively to the earth.

Keep away from the disturbing sources.

Food packaging should be operated under aseptic and non-dust environment.


No bumping or strong pressures on weigh hoppers.

Check and empty the rest product inside the machine before running.

Press Zero to empty hoppers before the first running.

Turn off the power before repairing and cleaning the machine.

When electronic part fails, non-electronic-engineer is prohibited to repair the machine.

Be careful and cautious when cleaning and repairing the machine, because there is certain distance between the weigher and the ground if the weigher is installed on the top of the packaging machine.

Direct current for the connection signals with other equipments (packing machine, conveyor, etc.), should be no more than 30V, the overloading current should be no more than 100mA.

It is prohibited to touch the hopper while the machine is running.