Operation Process & Jobs Division of Packing Machine

  •  2021-05-21

The operation of the machine is not done once and for all, and it is necessary to pay special attention to the state of the machine during each packaging process. In order to effectively manage and maintain the packaging machine and control the product quality, in addition to regular maintenance, the auxiliary personnel and feeding personnel of the equipment also need to follow the following operating procedures.

Auxiliary personnel

  • Turn on the power switch.
  • Check whether the air pressure is sufficient (must reach 0.6Mpa).
  • Click the host to start, and check whether each action is working properly.
  • Check and clean up each box room.
  • Put the bag, load the material, put the material box.
  • Click the host to start.
  • The product that is packaged in vacuum for the first time should be checked whether the seal is firm, whether the suction is tight and through the water check(Must check vacuum chamber 1-10).
  • During the production process, check the product sealing and pumping conditions continuously.
  • Every 2 hours after the machine runs, must be the top cover of the machine, bag clip, and funnel mouth, carried out with an air gun clean.
  • The bag or material dropped on the machine, should be hooked out with a hook, do not take it by hand.
  • The relevant “parameter settings” on the display screen shall not be changed without permission.
  • When the machine is running abnormally, report it to the monitor or maintenance personnel in time, and do not continue to operate.
  • Turn off the power after the work is over, disassemble the material tray and measuring cup for cleaning and disinfection.

Feeding personnel

The main responsibilities of the feeding personnel are as follows:

  • Sterilize the elevator, material tray and measuring cup with alcohol.
  • Put in materials according to regulations;
  • Staff needs to complete the packaging of the existing materials on the machine, pull the remaining materials back to the cold storage, and clean up the remaining debris on the machine, then they can rest.
  • When the delivery of materials is abnormal, press the emergency switch in time, do not continue, and report to the monitor or maintenance personnel in time.
  • During the feeding process, if any material falls, needs to be stopped and taken, do not take it while the machine is running.
  • Do not feed or take material above the poke cylinder.
  • Clean and disinfect the machine after work.
Debugging machine

All operators must abide by the above operating procedures to ensure safety.

Correct operation mode will maximize the value of the equipment, but also can extend the service life of the equipment to the greatest extent, to ensure the quality of the equipment, so the equipment should be used in accordance with the operation process.


This guide applies to our premade pouch packaging machines and automatic vacuum packaging machines.

In order to better let customers understand the subsequent maintenance and repair of the equipment, we also briefly listed the related matters that maintenance personnel should pay attention to in the article Packaging Machine Maintenance Guide.

In addition, we have also written the Machine Preventive Maintenance Schedule, which can be used as a reference for work content.