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Vacuum Flatten Packaging Machine


Vacuum Flatten Packaging Machine

CapacityUp To 50 BPM
Bag Width120 – 200mm
4.7 – 7.9in
Filling Volume20 – 1000g
Bag Length150 – 300mm
6 – 11.9in


  • An original horizontal vacuum chamber, the material was sealed in the horizontal state.
  • Without manual participation, the whole production line is finished by machine. Automatic control of a series of processes from packing, beating, shaping, and sealing. A fully automatic process can reduce production costs and improve the efficiency of the package.
  • Achieve 100-degree vacuum, adopt divider plate of imported material, create perfect vacuum environment and without unnecessary air in the package.
  • Strictly handles package seal, straightens the package seal, keeps it clean.
  • Simple machine operation, simple operation interface, and easy to use.
  • Adopt 304 stainless steel or other conforming to food hygiene and safety.
  • This model of machine is similar to our other MRZK Series overall, inheriting most of its advantages.


Customized Models
Customized Models
Bag width120 – 200mm
4.6 – 7.9in
120 – 200mm
4.6 – 7.9in
120 – 200mm
4.6 – 7.9in
120 – 200mm
4.6 – 7.9in
Bag length150 – 300mm
6 – 12in
150 – 300mm
6 – 12in
150 – 300mm
6 – 12in
150 – 300mm
6 – 12in
Filling Volume20 – 1000g20 – 1000g20 – 1000g20 – 1000g
Capacityup to 50 bags/minup to 50 bags/minup to 50 bags/minup to 50 bags/min
Thickness≤ 45mm
≤ 65mm
≤ 65mm
≤ 65mm
Vacuum Pump100+200100+140+140
Dimension Weight L*W*H2650 * 1650 * 1700mm2650 * 1650 * 1700mm2650 * 1650 * 1700mm2650 * 1650 * 1700mm
Capacity & Filling Volume depends on the product and filling weight

Bag Style

Industries & Solution

  • Solid —— candy, peanut, green bean, pistachio, crystal candy, brown sugar, cookie, cake, daily commodities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, etc.
  • Granule —— grain, refined monosodium glutamate, granular drug, capsule, seed, condiment, granule drug, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, etc.

Packaging Process

Bag Feeding Turntable

  1. Giving Bag —— Feed many pouches or bags in the bag magazine, our main bag magazine can move up and down, you can feed bags very easily when it moved down, and when it moved up, there are a mechanical arm with two vacuum caps will take the bag up and then transmit it to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table.
  2. Date Printing —— According to the actual production and packaging needs, different types of coding machines are configured to print the date and batch number on the packaging bag.
  3. Opening Bag —— While the suction cup opens the opening of the packaging bag, air is sprayed from the upper nozzle to blow open the bottom of the packaging bag, the packaging bag support plate is inserted into the opening of the packaging bag, and the packaging bag enters the next station.
    After inserting the bag support plate into the bag opening, the detection of whether there is a packaging bag and whether the opening of the bag is opened is completed. If there is no packaging bag or there is no opening to open the packaging bag, the next station will not feed.
  4. Filling & Consolidate 1 —— According to different packaging materials, different feeders are configured at this station to complete the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of materials.
  5. Reserve
  6. Reserve
  7. Reserve
  8. Bag straightening —— Straighten the bag and check whether there are materials in the bag at the same time. If there is no material in the packaging bag, it will not be transferred into the vacuum chamber.
  9. Transfer —— The transfer manipulator between the two turntables transfers the packaging bags from the bag feeding turntable to the vacuum turntable. The packaging bag with the mouth of the packaging bag not opened or without materials added will not be passed into the vacuum chamber, and the packaging bag can be recycled and used again after it is dropped at this station.
  10. Reserve

Vacuum Turntable

  1. Transfer —— The packaging bag is transferred from the bag feeding turntable to the vacuum turntable, and the packaging bag enters the vacuum chamber.
  2. Vacuum Chamber Cover —— The vacuum chamber is closed, and the vacuum in the vacuum chamber that has been sealed is recovered. For the MRZK-200P, the vacuum chamber is horizontal when closed
  3. Semi-vacuum —— Evacuate most of the air into a semi-vacuum state.
  4. First Vacuum —— Evacuate all the air, there are only a few bubbles in the bag.
  5. Second Vacuum —— Pump the air bubble into a full vacuum state.
  6. Third Vacuum —— Further into the vacuum state.
  7. Sealing —— The sealing cylinder extends, and the sealing electric heating plate is energized to generate heat, Sealing bag.
  8. Cooling Exhaust —— The sealing electric heating piece is cut off, and the cooling water cools the bag mouth to normal temperature.
    The vacuum chamber is connected to the atmosphere, and the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber.
  9. Uncover and Move Out —— The vacuum chamber is opened, and the packaged product falls onto the finished product conveyor belt.


  • No bag – no filling – no sealing, machine alarm.
  • Bag opening miss – no filling – no sealing, machine alarm.
  • Machine stop or alarm when the air pressure is abnormal.
  • Error position display at the control panel.
  • Control panel located on the right side top of the machine.
  • Outside the machine and all the parts which touch production are all made of stainless steel.
  • There are several safety doors made by aluminum Profile Frame.
  • The doors are equipped with safety proximity sensors.
  • Machine surface can be washed by water and brushed by cloth.

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