Automate Your Coffee Packaging Line

  •  2021-12-09

Are you in the coffee business, looking for good reliable machines to pack all that coffee? When it comes to packaging, there are a variety of machines for coffee –filling machines, sealing machines, trapping machines, wrapping machines, coding machines, and labeling machines.

Choosing the right type of machine is crucial to your business and can be very confusing. The wrong packaging can ruin your business, as fresh-smelling coffee is what all coffee lovers crave. No one is going to buy ill-packed stale coffee that has no aroma.

Machine To Fill And Seal Coffee

Coffee packaging consists of packing coffee beans, drip coffee, and coffee powders (instant and ground powders). Packing coffee is not just taking a pouch or bag and filling it with some beans or powder. Apart from the quality of the packing material, the way coffee is packed itself is important.

There are machines to help you pack your coffee the right way to fit your customers’ requirements. Our machines can handle different types of coffee, a variety of packing materials, and ensure your product is packed to impress.

Automatic Rotary Filling And Sealing Machines

When you want to fill and seal coffee in pre-purchased pouches or bags, you should consider the rotary automatic pouch packing machines. If needed, you can use a vacuum machine to remove all that excess air and get a neat small package.

When your coffee business picks up, you don’t want to spend time and money hiring human resources to fill and pack the coffee uniformly. The rotary machine is designed to move a preformed pouch in a rotary fashion between various stations.

Packaging Process

The coffee will be packed in the following order:

  1. A robotic arm will feed the bags into the machine; there is very little requirement for human interference here.
  2. The bag feeding roller will move the bags to the feeding station. The movement will be spaced equally. The bag loader will pick up the pouch and grip it well across all processes.
  3. Vacuum suction pads will open the bags according to each model (with or without zipper re-closure)
  4. Coffee is filled into the bags. The filling apparatus will measure and fill the bags according to the settings.
  5. The machine will gently shake the pouch to encourage loose contents to settle in the bottom.
  6. Deflators will squeeze out the remaining air before sealing the pouch shut.
  7. The seal will be strengthened and flattened by a cooling bar.
  8. Package is ready

Premade Pouch Coffee Packing machine

The automatic filling and sealing machine from MR Series can pack 80 bags per minute. It can open the pre-purchased pack, fill it up with your coffee and seal it to look neat and sophisticated. Whether you choose to use a zipper pack or a stand-up pack, this machine can save you a lot of time and do a great job with your packing.

You can also link it up with other equipment in your downstream packing – like case sealer, check weigher, liquid filler, etc. The loading, filling, sealing is completely automated, making work simple and quick for you. The lubrication system is also automatic, and the machine itself is made with heavy parts for durability.

Coffee Vacuum Packing machine

Various customers have varying needs. While coffee is generally packed in regular pouches, some customers may not like the bulge in the packaging and can ask for vacuum packing. It can be to save space in the pantry or while packing.

The fully automated rotary vacuum sealing machine from the MRZK series can pack 85 bags per minute. The vacuum chamber is transparent, allowing you to check the status of the chamber without having to open any part. You can use this vacuum sealer with almost all types of filling machines – automatic or not. We can also offer you a custom-made machine to pack large volumes.

Coffee Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The packaging has to be perfect for all those sachets and stick packs of coffee. A little extra powder or liquid can ruin the packing and cause leaks, and no one wants coffee liquid to spill on their belongings.

The vertical packing machine from the EC series (420/520/720) is designed to pack 60 bags per minute. All the feeding, metering, sealing, printing date, and counting are fully automated in this machine. You can save a lot of time and have a uniform professional finish for all your packets. You can even adjust the parameters for different packing needs.


Choosing the right coffee packaging machine can be a cumbersome process. It can be stressful, as the wrong choice can cause a lot of damage to your business – both financially and reputation-wise. The above-listed automated machines can suit varying packaging needs and help improve your business and reputation in the industry.