Guidelines for safe winterize of packaging machines

  •  2021-01-22

Winter is coming, the weather is cold, so your factory plans to stop work, but you are worried about the maintenance of packaging machine? Don’t worry, learn our tips right now!

Full cleaning & dust cover

After the work stoppage of the packaging machine, the residual stains on its surface shall be cleaned up comprehensively. At the same time, dust cover shall be used to prevent dust, so that the packaging machine can enter the state faster when it starts work in spring.

Butter the CAM

When shutdown, the cams of the packaging machine frame are coated with good butter, which can not only prevent rust and corrosion, but also reduce the loss of the body when returning to work. We recommend the use of light and thick butter, easy to spread, the effect is better.

Seal the rack & electric box

Close all doors that can be closed, and seal racks and electrical boxes with cloth and foam to prevent rats and other creatures from damaging the wires. We also provide special anti-rat net, effect pull group, customers who need to contact us.

Reinforced circular cup filler

Many customers use our Circular Cup Filler. In our Circular Cup Filler, we use food grade PTFE, which has obvious characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Therefore, the Cup will loosen in the winter and be fixed with our O-type stiffeners to ensure smooth operation in the coming year.

Empty the water

Our vacuum packaging machine uses the supporting Industrial Chiller. The temperature is too low in winter, and it may freeze inside the machine when it is shut down, so it is not recommended to put it outside for use. When shutdown, it is recommended to empty the internal moisture, so as to prevent low temperature freezing.

Premade pouch protection

In addition to packaging machine, we also need to protect the premade pouch from dust or water accumulation on its surface, which can effectively improve the success rate of packaging and opening.

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